Coronavirus Survival Kit by Andrew Bishop
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Coronavirus Survival Kit

Save 25% on two workshops: Anger and Eyes & Face
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What you get...

Anger: A Positive Force for Self-Change

The 2+ hour video includes a full-length Reichian Bodywork session which you can follow along with. The session is very potent and intense. 

Topics covered include: 
  • How suppressed anger makes us easy to manipulate 
  • Why you need a full emotional range (including anger) to live a fulfilling life 
  • What to do if you get stuck in negative emotions, or if you tend to go numb
  • How to apply The Cycle of Liberation every day for increased peace, relaxation, and joy
  • Contrarian advice for the chronically angry
  • How to use anger to eliminate sadness
  • What anger has to do with truth realization 
  • Why Nicolas Cage is the patron saint of healthy rage
  • And much more!

Bonus material: 
  • Anger Manual: A 19-page pdf explaining anger from the perspective of the bodywork. (Includes  additional exercises not covered in the video.)
  • Anger Discussion Audio: A 42-minute audio discussion about anger between two bodywork experts to help you integrate the lessons of the workshop. 
  • Guided Audio: A 16-minute guided audio that leads you through a powerful sequence of anger exercises. This can be used anytime you feel angry, or just to shake things up.
  • Coaching Call: A 30-minute coaching call with me. We can address anything you like. 

Eyes & Face: Exercises for Clarity & Liberation

The face exercises are the most important part of the Reichian Bodywork system. If you’re trying to find a way into this work, this is where to start.

The 2-hour Eyes & Face workshop includes a full-length bodywork session which you can follow along with as often as you like.

Topics covered include: 
  • How to overcome childhood conditioning — and fast
  • Eliminate “resting bitch face” in a few minutes a day 
  • Why your face makes you tired… and how to use it to gain more energy
  • Little-known secrets to becoming the most powerful person in the room (useful if you need to perform well at work or in competition) 
  • Mastering the ability to shift your brain state
  • Why your face functions as a control panel connected directly to your brain
  • The little-understood secret way to deepen meditation
  • Get started easily with The Face De-Tensing Protocol 
  • How to quickly gain clarity by massaging your face and eyes
  • Strange things to do with your face in public
  • And much more!
Bonus material:
Eyes & Face Manual: A pdf explaining the importance of the face work, and including many additional exercises not covered in the video.

Face Discussion Audio: To help integrate the workshop, I've included an audio discussion between myself and another bodywork expert about the importance of the eyes & face. 

What's included?

Anger: A Positive Force for Self-Change

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Eyes & Face: Exercises for Clarity and Liberation

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